A Reflection

IMG_8600 Of all the lectures we had over the semester, it was undoubtedly that of Dr. John Howard that stayed with me. His laconic delivery, his wisdom and his honesty were impressive. Some phrases I will never forget. His description of a library as ‘a semantic web of linkages’ is pure gold. He brought library science from the days of the card catalogue to the present day digital revolution in terms of a breaking up of the linear model to reveal something much more vast. Dr. Howard’s ability to look at the library sector at such a macro level of observation reflects his experience and his skills as a manager.
Reflective writing is something that I don’t find all that difficult. I think it would be a good idea to continue this type of writing into the future. In fact, it would be a good idea if all managers spent the last 10 minutes of their working day writing down their thoughts on how the day went. It would help in sorting through how they made their decisions in the hope of making better decisions the next day.
Before taking this course, I would never have seen myself as a manager. But management is not always about being the boss. Most organisations are arranged hierarchically. Even a very junior level librarian, with one student book shelver reporting to him, is a manager.


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